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our mission is simple: "to enable a live reading exchange/swap - live on-demand tarot reading in the world first time ever on our platform." we have created the tools and the marketplace to build fellowship with tarot lovers of the same aspiration to gather together to share customized live readings. simple concept, but very hard to do! tarotcombinations is interested in web partners. if you are interested in being a tarot reader please email us. interested in website partnerships.

for partnership or license inquiry's please email us.

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created by patrice warner (owner & editor) of tarot combinations a tarot reader of 29 years experience in the tarot community. patrice believes true fellowship among tarot lovers must be based upon a connection that is universal. it is not the private interests of the individual that create lasting fellowship among men, but rather the goals of humanity. favorite quote: "their is no time or space"

description: "Daily Tarot Free Reading"

all business questions or inquiry's please email me with your information

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